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Kamado Bono Grills

Kamado Bono Picnic

Kamado Bono Picnic Newest Release Model. Perfect For Outdoor Picnics. 

Kamado Bono Minimo

A compact model, recommended for smaller groups of people (up to 5). Perfect for picnics or use in smaller terraces.

Kamado Bono Media

The most popular model, adapted to prepare food for larger families and groups of friends (up to 10 people). An excellent choice for the patio of a private house, cottage terrace or homestead.

Kamado Bono Grande

The largest model designed for large groups of people (10 or more). Ideal for restaurants and bars. Has all BONO MEDIA features and is very spacious.


Kamado Bono Grande Limited

The biggest grill perfect to use professionally in restaurants and bars or for large groups of people (15and above).

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