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Kamado Bono Picnic

A compact model Kamado Bono Picnic grill is recommended for smaller groups of people (up to 3). Perfect for picnics or use in smaller terraces. The basic grill set is comprised of: ceramic grill with stand, innovative fibreglass gasket seal, very thick heat deflector, iron base, stainless steel cooking grids, grill dome thermometer, top vent and firebox. With the basic grill set you will be able to: grill on direct heat (meat on skewers, steaks, burgers, chicken wings and other dishes grilled under 20 min.), grill on indirect heat (chicken, ham, chops and other dishes grilled using a deflector), smoke (ribs, cheese, pulled pork), make soups, pilaf and stews.

Kamado Bono Picnic Features

Ceramic Heat Deflector

This heat deflector functions as a shield to protect your food from direct heat. It is used for indirect long-time cooking, smoking at lower temperatures or oven-like cooking. 

Stainless Steel Cooking Grids

Perfect your searing with the Cast Iron Searing Grid. This heavy-duty grid is amazing at retaining heat — for a professional quality sear and even cooking.

Grill Dome Thermometer

 Thermometer Gauge  will ensure your food is cooked right through and safe to eat.