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Warranty Terms And Conditions

In accordance with the terms and conditions outlined below, Kamado Bono guarantees to the initial purchaser that Kamado Bono ceramic grills – Minimo, Media, Grande, Žalgiris, Limited, and Picnic – are free from manufacturing or material defects when used under normal conditions.

The warranty is provided for the following periods from the date of sale to the initial purchaser:
– Unlimited warranty for the ceramic grill body, ceramic firebox, and fire ring, as well as for the deflectors included in the base grill kit.
– The firebox and fire ring are replaced free of charge if they lose their integrity.

This unlimited warranty for the mentioned parts is applicable only to Kamado Bono grill owners who have purchased the grill directly from Bono’s representatives or official partners and have provided proof of grill purchase – VAT invoice, cash receipt, leasing agreement if the grill was purchased on lease.

The grill can also be registered on our website by filling out a form. Registration is not mandatory, but by filling out the form, the customer confirms that the data provided is correct, and GIETO GROUP LTD may use this information to facilitate the warranty service process.

Proper registration is helpful in case the customer loses the proof of purchase, and the data provided in the form is stored for ten(10) years. Stored documents must be clearly legible.

A 2-year warranty is provided for Kamado Bono grill accessories and all metal grill parts, including gasket and accessories. The warranty applies in all cases when the grill or its parts are used for their intended purpose, following the instructions or recommendations in the manual.

This limited comprehensive lifetime warranty applies only to individuals who use the grill for non-commercial purposes. Legal entities are subject to the statutory 2-year warranty for the ceramic body and all ceramic and metal parts and accessories.

The warranty does not cover minor defects – minor scratches, small dents or chips, micro-cracks (Spider Cracs), or minor cosmetic surface glaze cracks that have no impact on the grill’s operation and are completely harmless or easily resolved (e.g., with paint when it comes to glaze).

If the customer notices any external or internal damage upon receiving the grill, they must inform Kamado Bono’s representatives immediately while the grill is unused.

Substances such as chlorine, industrial smoke, chemicals, fertilizers, high humidity, lawn pesticides, and salt can damage the grill’s metal coatings and finishing materials. Therefore, the warranty for metal parts made of stainless steel and copper does not apply in cases of RUST, OXIDATION, FADING, and other DEFECTS.

This warranty cannot be transferred to other owners unless otherwise agreed with Kamado Bono representatives.

For all other products sold in the online store, the statutory 2-year warranty applies.

If any product covered by the warranty has defects, the product will be repaired or replaced at our main branch in Peterborough, or a new part will be sent to the purchaser, who can replace it with our consultation.

When contacting the warranty service, the purchaser must photograph the damage for assessment and provide a legible copy of the purchase document.

This warranty is not provided if defects occur due to improper product assembly or improper maintenance, use not in accordance with the instructions, or for a purpose other than intended use.

The warranty does not apply if defects occur due to natural wear and tear, accidents, force majeure events, unauthorized repairs, reconstruction, or replacement of the product or its parts.

Kamado BONO is not responsible for delays or failure to fulfil warranty obligations resulting from an event or unforeseen circumstance beyond Kamado BONO’s control.

The warranty is void if any liquids, including flammable ones, are poured into or onto the ceramic grill. The warranty is void if the grill is fueled with firewood or other unsuitable fuel.

High-quality hardwood charcoal should be used for grilling, and dry fire starters or an electric igniter should be used for ignition. Kamado BONO uses materials resistant to rust, but the warranty does not apply to RUST, OXIDATION, FADING, and other DEFECTS in the grill’s metal parts unless the structural integrity of the grill is compromised.

This warranty is not provided if the product is purchased from unauthorized suppliers and/or third parties. Unless otherwise agreed, the warranty is provided only when products are purchased from authorized suppliers listed on the website.

The warranty is valid in the territory of the United Kingdom, so the limitations or exceptions mentioned above may not apply to you.

This warranty outlines all legal rights. Kamado BONO does not authorize any physical or legal persons to assume liability on behalf of Kamado BONO for the sale or purchase of Kamado.


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